About Me

Hey friends! My name is Phuong Vy and I like to plan events. On this page, I will share a little bit about myself along with why I love to do what I do :)

I was born in Tay Ninh, Vietnam during the lovely month of February and moved to the United States shortly afterward in 2003. Currently, I am a second-year Communicaton major and Philosophy minor at UC Santa Barbara. In my free time, I like to practice longboard dancing, attempt to cook elaborate dinners, or binge-watch my favorite Korean dramas.

Now, how does any of that connect to my love for events? Well, it doesn't. Like all crazy things in my life, it just happened. Luckily, it happened for the good. If I can remember properly, it started in high school when I would do all sorts of random events from surprise birthday parties to spontaneous road trips. After diving deeper into various event management roles, I realize that events are really, like seriously, cool. To me, events have this beautiful capacity to foster new relationships and mend old ones simply by being a space. It gives reason for us to live in the moment and take in the joys of life: to make space for others to share space. As cheesy as it sounds, I want to foster a world-wide community that celebrates unconditional love: one event at a time. I am determined to give it my all and it starts here with this website. Thank you for stopping by and I hope to work with you in the future! Formalities aside, I would love to talk to you about anything so feel free to reach out anytime.

- Phuong Vy