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Fall 2021 Recap From a UCSB Communication Major

I took COMM 160HC (i.e., Communication and the Art of Happiness) this quarter; I loved it. As a Communication major at UCSB, I can’t say this feeling is the case for every course. To be transparent, I have a lot of thoughts about the current major requirements, the real-life applications of the major, the minority representation in these spaces, and so much more. I feel like it can be a post on its own. If anything, I plan to write all about it when I complete my requirements the following year (probably Fall 2022). It might arrive sooner, so please be on the lookout for it 🙂

Anyways, this post is not going to be about why COMM 160HC was so great or why I have emotional baggage towards the Communication department at UCSB. I just wanted to share that this class was the sole reason why I have a recap video in the first place.

For COMM 160HC, we had to embark on a “Happiness Journey” for 8 weeks. Goals were created, tweaked, broken, and achieved. In the end, Professor X tasked us with presenting our highlights and lowlights through a medium that speaks best to us. I decided to create a recap video because I just had a lot of photos and videos in my camera album. Down below is my “Happiness Journey,” also known as my Fall 2021 Recap…

P.S. Only if you’re curious, I took the following courses during Fall 2021:

  • COMM W 107: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 160HC: Communication and the Art of Happiness
  • ENGL 192SS: Science Fiction Short Stories
  • TMP 111: Issues in Technology, Business, and Society
  • WRIT 107T: Technical Writing

Learn more about the Communication major at UCSB:

Photo by Andrew Dao